5 Tips to Help You Survive as a College Freshman


When you join the college as a freshman, there are a lot of things you need to learn and know about. Some of these things will affect your college life, studies and after college life. Therefore, you should be very cautious to avoid making mistakes that you would end up regretting later in life. Here are 5 tips to help you survive as a college freshman:


  1. Network with other people


It is very important to know other people, interact with them and have a good relationship because you may need help at one time. It may be later in life or while still, you are in college. Therefore, try as much as possible knowing your roommates, course mates, professors and other people who might help you in case you have problems. You may fall sick and the only way to get notes, medical help or even financial help is through your friends whom you met when you joined college. However, be cautious of who you are networking with because some people are not focussed nor in college to better their lives.


  1. Don’t miss classes


You might think it is fun missing classes but you suffer later on alone after, before or during exams. Most people have wasted time doing other useless things due to peer pressure or lack of knowledge only to make irreversible mistakes when they are freshmen. If you would like to survive in college, try to attend all classes and allocate yourself study time to read. If you start early, you will have an easy period of time ahead and vice versa.


  1. Get involved with other activities


Getting involved in clubs and other activities, you get exposed to a lot of things that expands the way you see and understand things. It also helps you to network with other people which can be quite helpful later on in your professional life. However, don’t get involved too much such that you don’t have time to study, relax your mind or do other things. You just need to make the right choices and manage your time well.


  1. Seek help whenever you need it


As a freshman, you need to know where you can get career guidance as well as guidance and counseling when you need it. Most colleges have health and counseling centers to offer help to students. Regardless of what you might be facing, you need to know who you can trust and where to get help. You cannot be able to handle everything yourself and seeking professional help from career service office or any other professional is advisable. Some of the decisions you will make in college will affect your entire life, you need a professional to advise you on what you should do. Your friends also play a great role because they will help you through rough times while in college.


  1. Attend orientations


An orientation simply helps you to know more about the college so that you can familiarize yourself. You will need to know where your lecture rooms are, your professor’s offices and other relevant buildings to avoid wasting a lot of time looking for the same. In addition, it will help you seek the help you need and access the resources offered by the college.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed as a freshman but you should try to keep it under control. Use the resources at your disposal to study and attain good grades because they will help you succeed in your profession and eventually in life.